Secure Drawer

It’s as easy as email—but infinitely more secure. SecureDrawer gives you a protected way to share documents with clients and coworkers alike. With just a few clicks, you can instantly share documents and collect digital signatures, all within a secure, encrypted portal.

Features That Customers Love

Ease of Use

With a simple, user-friendly interface, you can eliminate the learning curve and get to work quickly.


Add value to your business with improved customer service and less wasted time, all for a competitive yearly subscription.

eFileCabinet Integration

SecureDrawer has a robust API for external integration opportunities, and it is also tightly integrated with eFileCabinet 2015 and Online with a simple button on the menu. Just right-clicking on a document in eFileCabinet will activate the SecureDrawer option.

Security and Backup

For maximum security, SecureDrawer employs SSL/TLS encryption on data that is transmitted between your computer and the data servers. Data is encrypted with a 256 bit AES standard on the data servers, and data is always transferred using Secure Socket Layer layer (SSL) technology.

Fast and Safe

Never worry about the security of your files or webmail again – it’s network file sharing made easy.

Digital Signatures

eSignatures can also be activated from within SecureDrawer. Using your finger, mouse or even a scanned image of a signature, SecureDrawer helps expedite the decision making workflow with digital signatures.

Secure Drawer

Built-in compliance


What Makes SecureDrawer the #1 Portal?

  • Maximum Individual File Size of 1 GB
  • Overdraft Option
  • Shared Drawers
  • Reporting/Audit Logging
  • File Retention/Expiration
  • Apply Notes and Passwords
  • Custom Branding
  • Stored File Encryption
  • Upload/Download Notification
  • Drag & Drop Files from Desktop
  • Import Users via CSV File
  • Custom Login from Your Website
  • Online Backups and Redundancy