Mapping & Visualization



Very often, GIS data is not readily available in a digital format for analysis and reporting. We create and convert paper/non GIS data into digital GIS format through a processing called ‘digitization’. This semi-automated procedure enables your business to make the maximum use of your existing data in a GIS platform.



Map Visualization

We design and build stunning digital maps that can be used on web and mobile devices. Our professional cartographers ensure the best design is used to fulfill the purpose of the map that you are creating. We ensure that the maps are responsive and work on either web or mobile devices.



Spatial Data Analysis

Spatial Data Analysis relies on Geographic space to understand and analyze data. With a geographic understanding, we can start to ask questions like:
Where – where are my assets? Customers? Competitors? Measure – how long, how tall, how much Spatial Relationships – how many people are within 100m of a river? Finding best locations and paths – where is the best place to open my new store?
Detecting and quantifying patterns – where is the hotspot for crime in the city, where are the customers that spend the most on electronics?


3D modelling

Due to the use of technology such GIS, LIDAR, Remote Sensing; need for data to be presented in a 3D format has increased tremendously. 3D spatial data allows data to be viewed at above-surface data, surface data and below-surface data. Data can be utilised for building models to understand urban cities, terrain analysis, agricultural models, topological models, the list goes on and on. With use of 3D technology it becomes easier to understand and solve complex problems.