App Development


Web Application Development

We can deliver web applications to deliver GIS functionality on a web browser. This eliminates the need for the user to have licensed GIS software on the desktop and instead facilitates sharing and collaboration over the web. With the advent of Google Maps, all users are familiar with a map based interface on the web. Empower your organisation with Web GIS.


Mobile Application Development

We build Smartphone applications for IOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Deliver the power of GIS applications through the flexibility of a mobile platform. We build on the native platform, allowing us to make use of the phone’s capabilities, such as GPS, Camera, Bluetooth etc.



Desktop Application Development

We develop bespoke addins for Desktop GIS products such as ArcMap and QGIS. If you require some automated tasks to help with day to day work or a tool to do batch processing, we are here to help. We can build bespoke tools to help you get your work done faster.